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The Quest of the Dragaãnh, T2 of the Sacred Deviants

I announce you the publication of the volume 2 of my duology of Science-fiction "The Sacred Deviants" published on November 30th, 2021.

This volume 2 is entitled: The Quest of the Dragaãnh and follows "The Great Purpose".

The paperback format is now on sale on the 5 Sens Editions website and on commercial websites such as Fnac, Cultura... while the digital format will be available within a few weeks. You can also order it from the following bookstores.

You know that "Les Déviants Sacrés" is part of my saga The Mutant Worlds, so don't hesitate to get the other books either.

An epic adventure on a world beyond our own, action, mystery, intrigue and a timeless love story for the passionate.

An excerpt for you, my readers:

Diary of Maeween Baäelt: The cold was already coming, but in the state of mind I was in, it was only touching me without really reaching me. The adventure continued, and I swam in the course of it like one of those stealthy shandles that haunted the particularly dense waters of the driverlides[1] above ghost cities.

[1] Streams of water levitating in suspension, above the ground.

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