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The Mutant Worlds Gazette

This is my latest creation, the Mutant Worlds Gazette, created with the Emaze tool.

This gazette will deal with my universe and its saga on Mutant Worlds. In turn, I'll cover the various novels that go with it.

If you like it, I'll continue the adventure, if not, I'll experiment in other ways. I love experimenting with new tools to develop my literary and artistic universe, on the bangs of conventional wisdom.

Translated with (free version)

Memories of Elsewhere, 6th decade - Anno 2060

An extract from Les Êtres de Langhãem :

Just like those Walkers, we had walked the land on our own two legs. Alas, now, despite our undeniable abilities, we were no longer in their image. Our reflection was more of a Sirenian aquatic fauna than a humanoid.
There had been a before and there was a now. What would our future hold if our scientists failed to restore us to our primal form?

Skaftafell National Park, an exobiologist's journey

A second extract for you:

Ketty had traveled to Iceland's east coast.
Persistent rumors had taken her all the way there, to the farthest reaches of those lost lands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The region seemed to be the site of numerous sightings of unknown vessels and gigantic sea creatures.
For three days, she had settled at the foot of the famous Vatjanökull.
Fighting against a very natural impulse, an obscure instinct had encouraged her in this direction. They had been walking for several hours now, and fatigue was settling into the young woman's bones and muscles. By contrast, her guide showed no signs of weariness. The bare landscape stretched as far as the eye could see, before their burning eyes.

Are you enjoying the universe? I'd be delighted!

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