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La Gazette des Mondes Mutants

March 2024

In the "Arts & Creation" section, the magazine looks at the novelistic history of the SolAs universe, published in 2019 by 5 Sens Editions.

The novel will appeal to all those interested in occult mysteries, current ethical issues concerning genome manipulation and the preservation of natural resources, and those who love this world and its components, the great forests.

The concept of plasma or ether flows and fields of consciousness will also be explored. Some would say that the novel and its author are, in their own way, dealing with the story of Beauty and the Beast in the register of science fiction. But I'll leave you to judge and come back to me to tell me more.

In the meantime, you'll find one of the sub-sections below: Le Mèche-dé, a game like any other in the taverns of astroports, where poor eras and astronauts in need of a mission gather around the gaming tables of estaminets and begin one of those interminable games in good humor and cosmopolitanism.

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See you soon, my friends, may the future be with you!

Your author,

Christine Barsi

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