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Publication of L'Oeil de Reevanh

L'Oeil de Reevanh, my latest science-fiction novel, was published on May 15, 2024 by 5 Sens Éditions.

This is a fine science-fiction romance about another of the colonies annexed by good old Earth, with its indigenous people, flora and fauna, under the Machiavellian yoke of power-hungry governments. This book joins my Les Mondes Mutants saga and offers you a fiction that is somewhat divergent from my usual approach in terms of the relationships between my two main characters.

You'll find it on the publisher's website, as well as on other retailers such as Fnac and Cultura. However, you won't find it in paperback on Amazon. It can be ordered from any bookshop in France.

Here's an extract:

The ship sailed through the no-man's-land of stars in this unexplored part of the universe, filled to infinity with novas of Dantean dimensions - the novasphere, a field of improbable limits according to the macrocosm experts they were getting dangerously close to.

For almost ten standard days, the craft had been moving blindly through the confused mass of asteroids and celestial bodies occupying the space beyond the metacrystal portholes. The chief pilot and his crewmate looked at the three-dimensional holocards with puzzled eyes, unable to pick out the slightest clue that might have indicated, roughly, their position.
- See anything, Denisson?
- Nothing I can think of, Matt, apart from the feeling that I've been going round in circles for days. Something's not right.


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My publisher : 5 Sens Éditions

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