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By the author Christine Barsi

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  • Fête de la Saint Barnabé sur Tourouvre au Perche
    Jun 10, 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Tourouvre au Perche, 61190 Tourouvre au Perche, France
    L'auteure Christine Barsi sera en dédicaces sur le salon des artisans et des artisans d'art à la Fête de la Saint Barnabé sur Tourouvre au Perche, le samedi 10 juin 2023 de 15h à 19h - A la ferme d'Apolline - Lieu-Dit La Mulotière
  • Café littéraire sur Bellême - juin 2023
    Jun 11, 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM
    61130 Bellême, France
    L'auteure organise son "Café littéraire Les Mondes Mutants" qui se tiendra sur Bellême, le dimanche 11 juin 2023 à 14h30, au 12 Rue Hautguinière. Autour d'un café, d'un thé, de jus de fruits et de petits gâteaux, l'auteure vous parlera de son expérience de romancière.
  • Festival du Livre & de la BD de Mennecy
    Jun 03, 10:00 AM – Jun 04, 5:30 PM
    Parc de Villeroy - Mennecy, 91540 Mennecy, France
    Le festival se tient dans le parc de Villeroy, Esplanades des Orangeries à Mennecy. Un lieu de verdure magnifique où artistes et artisans se croisent le temps d'un moment inoubliable


Araignée, illustre le roman de SF La Passion de l'Arachnee

A passion for me that these deviant universes which retrace the history of worlds in perdition where the peoples subject to mutations revolt against those who engendered them. What if our news only turned out to be the premises of these distant catastrophes? Who could assure that they have no connection with what is currently happening on Earth with these deadly genetic experiments whose tiny nanoparticles are inoculated by social pressure and by force on the inhabitants of our planet?

I don't know what it is with you, dear readers, but as far as I'm concerned, there is no doubt and the future will tell us very quickly.





The Great Purpose to which the Amazons are subject has led one of them to share the existence of the warriors and to help them hunt down Aliens on the world of Sylvainth for three hundred years. Condemned to this role of bait woman under the thumb of an enigmatic and lonely being about whom many rumors run, Maeween is forced to obey. But this submission will not last long. She intends to play with the officer and his veterans, and escape them at the very end ...

  She has to find out what the officer really is that he haunts her so much, and the reasons that make him become attached to her. But then, will she still have the choice of her destiny? And what is she, herself, with these skills that emerge and panic more than they reassure her?

A Planet Opera which will make you travel and will make you discover the universe of Maeween and the Dragaãnh within the grandiose landscapes of the world of Sylvainth.



An off-center world far from the hustle and bustle of a universe whose chronicles relate the escapades of the human junta grappling with its creatures. When Isys has to take the path of Thanäos, the mythical forest in which the frightening Men-Arachnees live, she thinks she will be amazed.

It is there, in the heart of these inviolate spaces that her destiny will be played out and that she will become, between the paws of one of them, the involuntary toy of his exclusive passion. Until she frees herself from it, and goes back to her family to try to counter with them the hegemony of the terrestrial world over the mutant peoples of Xaltaïr. Would her demon join her in due time?

This SF trilogy is a link between SolAs and Les Déviants Sacrés.

Roman de science-fiction SolAs, par l'auteure Christine Barsi
Roman de science-fiction La Passion de l'Arachnee - tome 1 : L'Odyssée par l'auteure Christine Barsi
Roman de science-fiction La Passion de l'Arachnee - tome 2 : Thanäos par l'auteure Christine Barsi
Roman de science-fiction La Passion de l'Arachnee - tome 3 : Le Bal du Léviathan par l'auteure Christine Barsi



A mission on an asteroid, carrying precious plasma fields, leads an astrophysicist to apprehend the signs of a humanity that no one suspects. When the singular relationship between her and one of her team members takes an unexpected direction, she will have to take responsibility for her choices and forget what she is to welcome her.  

A variation of Beauty and the Beast on the register of science fiction, particle accelerators and quantum energy.



Roman de SF Les Déviants Sacrés - tome 1 Le Grand Dessein - Illustration Adobe
Roman Les Déviants Sacrés, tome 2 La Quête du Dragaãnh, illustration Adobe St.
Roman SolAs - illustration de couverture
La Passion de l'Arachnee - L'Odyssée
La Passion de l'Arachnee - Thanäos
La Passion de l'Arachnee - tome 3 Le Bal du Léviathan - Illustration Adobe St.


Logo grand 2020.jpg
Tropical Leaves
L'aqualide (scène). Une amazone à proximité d'un marécage dans Les Déviants Sacrés, roman de science-fiction de l'auteure Christine Barsi


Mutant illustrant la saga Les Mondes Mutants de l'auteure Christine Barsi

“They were done with the rocky plateau, and were approaching the edge of the Forest of Tormented Shadows, as the old sages of Meyäelhown called it. There was certainly a good reason, and Maeween was still concerned. "

"Getting lost in the jungle was my way of disassociating myself from mankind, going back to my childhood and re-anchoring myself there like a carefree kid who only dreamed of nice monsters."

Jeune femme nue, héroïne dans la saga Les Mondes Mutants de l'auteure Christine Barsi, que ce soit dans La Passion de l'Arachnee ou Les Déviants Sacrés
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