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Teaser on The Sacred Deviants

Hello to you, my readers,

How are you in this first week of November 2021?

Today, I offer you this latest teaser that presents the novel universe of the Sacred Deviants belonging to my saga The Mutant Worlds.

I take this opportunity to offer you another excerpt from this two-volume novel. Here it is:

"The Records of a Rörhte Priest: Certain periods of humanity are more likely to generate powerful oracles, so that within a dedicated people, the tutelary missions assigned to them may be assumed."

"In the depths of a building about to give up the ghost, they had been conferring for hours. The day before, three of them had been surprised by a handful of demons. The place was no longer safe. However, the times were changing as prophesied since the first signs. It was all the more crucial to hold the place. The long-heralded reprieve would soon come to an end. The configuration of the 13th Synod was approaching, predicting a miracle or one of those apocalypses that would annihilate their hopes. "

For more information on this universe, please visit: or

See you soon, dear readers :)

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